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Frederick Trump's Arctic Restaurant and the Klondike Gold Rush

Frederick Trump, grandfather of the President-elect was known to be King of the Klondike Brothels. The portrayal of Frederick Trump in recent news stories is that at the turn of a century he worked his way up the Klondike Gold Rush trail working women as prostitutes. Is it true? It appeared in a history book before making headline news, it must be. One author has written an interpretation of Frederick Trump's history seemingly without peer review. What are the claims of the author of "The Trumps, Three Generations that built an Empire".

Seattle. Fredrick Trump arrived in Seattle and purchased a known brothel and restaurant "The Poodle Dog", he renamed it the "Dairy Maid". According to the author he purchased, "one cash register, one range, one iron safe, one counter, twenty-four stools, twenty-four chairs, and a cupboard full of silverware and dishes", to outfit his new establishment. As a brothel, it appears his new establishment lacks even one bed. BYOB, in the 19th century, most likely meant "bring your own bed". Now "The Poodle Dog" was advertised as having "Private Rooms for Ladies" and the author asserts, "Perhaps Frederick Trump eliminated this service. In all likelihood, though, he did not". She also mentions the location being close to, "a hotbed of sex, booze and money". These are our Seattle facts, innuendo based on guilt by association.

In 1891 Congress passed legislation to create the Immigration Dept. under the authority of the Treasury. In late 1891, Frederick Trump applied and became a U.S. citizen, predictably hopeful to be in good standing with the Treasury. When being pragmatic in a new country and seeking to become a lawful citizen, it seems "unlikely" that you would conduct activities to thwart that objective. Furthermore, the "most likely" reason that Frederick Trump started in the low rent district was because he was relatively poor. I think "most likely" he did not have the funds to move into the more expensive area of town. This guilt by association casts a dubious past on everyone who has lived and worked in areas of hardship. If my pocketbook ruled my ethics, they wouldn't be ethical.

Monte Cristo. Frederick Trump then moved to Monte Cristo where he got elected as the Justice of the Peace. A landslide victory for his character. Over eighty percent of the voters cast their ballot for Frederick Trump. He was chosen by the people of Monte Cristo, Washington State, United States of America to be fair and just in dealing with their grievances. They most likely trusted him. I trust the voters, I just don't trust the people who don't vote. Monte Cristo loved Fredrick Trump. There is nothing in Monte Cristo to suggest that Mr. Trump was engaged in prostitution.

"Few records remain. As with his Dairy Restaurant in Seattle, it's possible that Frederick Trump never served anything stronger than chamomile tea and refused to admit an unmarried woman." - The Trumps, Three Generations that built an Empire.

Seattle. Frederick Trump returns to Seattle and opens a new restaurant with no hard evidence as to brothel allegations except that it was successful and paid off the mortgage in four weeks.

Dead Horse Pass. The story is told that Frederick Trump served horse meat on his way to riches. Not sure if it needs addressing as to this day horse is a delicacy in many parts of the world. Even Germany where Frederick Trump was from, they serve horse meat. This seems plausible if indeed the author chose the right path he took. She doesn't know, she's was guessing. She supposes that he went to Dead Horse Pass. There alongside the carrion of thousands of dead horses he established a new restaurant. She supposed that his profit was from selling what was in ample supply, dead horses. Like any army, a new business into the frontier needed a supply chain. As we see in proceeding comments, Frederick Trump had the supplies needed to serve up to three thousand people a day, delicacies not found anywhere else for a thousand miles. I suspect that in all likelihood he gained financial success by offering what was not available to anyone with a tinderbox and a year's supply of food stores at hand. Quality food product with service. Imported product, wild game, berries, and greens. That is what Trump sold, in all likelihood.

Wild Foods possibly served at the Arctic Restaurant, Yukon

German Cooking circa 1890s

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